Agribusiness Valuations Australia

Sam Paton has been providing agribusiness valuation services since he commenced private practice in 1983. With a combined qualification of agricultural economics and valuations, Sam has been acknowledged for his rigour and strict independence in the appraisal process.


Agribusiness Valuations Australia (AVA) is one of just a few independent consultancies in Australia that provide a dedicated in-house agricultural economic analysis and valuation service. AVA specialises in the preparation of statutory valuations and agricultural economic analyses for a range of purposes, including compulsory acquisition, mortgages, matrimonial and asset balance sheet verification, legal services and benchmarking for various sectors of agribusiness. AVA have practised throughout Australasia on specialist assignments, particularly for major corporate clients, banks, finance and legal professionals.

Our consulting services cover the following key areas of agribusiness appraisal:

  • Agribusiness valuations for all purposes
  • Loss assessment
  • Expert witness in litigation support
  • Property pre-purchase appraisal
  • Pre-lending reviews for banks and investors
  • Agricultural economic analysis of key enterprises
  • Taxation appeals
  • Town planning appeals regarding farm viability
  • Valuations for Aquaculture facilities